"Our battlefield is now beneath the earth. The gate to tomorrow is not the light of heaven, but the darkness of the depths of the earth."


Video Game Challenge

✘[2/7] Male Characters - Vaas Montenegro | Far Cry 3

You and I are going to tear shit up!

Dishonored minimalist scenery (Caps by tastytofusoup)

"Regret is something I know well. Take care not to cling to it, to hold it so close that it poisons your soul." - Asha’bellanar 

bioshock infinite scenery

She does so much for us, and we… we don’t even know where to find her. But what can we do? We’re just remnants, merely remnants of Mother’s legacy. Until we find Mother and receive her cells, we can’t be whole again. Geostigma and a Legacy aren’t enough. Not for a true reunion.


You better run, better run…outrun my gun.
You better run, better run…faster than my bullet.